Anonymous asked:
"guys did u do the video and if u did when we will see it"

yes the video is made and will be posted soon :)

Anonymous asked:
"What time today are the videos due?"

Before midnight Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

harry-ily asked:
"What is your Twitter so I can send the message????"

We do not have a Twitter for this blog. This blog is apart of Selgomez-News (@SelGomezNewsCom on Twitter). Please read the rules here. harry-ily

omglookimhipsterrrr asked:
"Do you think we will be able to see all the videos together that everyone submitted after deadline?"

We’re discussing all of the details we’ll let you guys know soon.

Anonymous asked:
"can i send you a photo?cuz i dont have a youtube user."

can you upload the video on instagram or vine or vimeo maybe?

Anonymous asked:
"i cant upload my video from youtube can i send you a video from insta or vine"

yes sure you can :)

Anonymous asked:
"are you gonna make one video of all those we send?"

Yes, we’re going to put together the videos we receive.

sgtww asked:
"How can i Send you this Video ?:)"

Click on submit button on this blog and send us the link of the video on YouTube.

sabiputiskova asked:
"Where I can write you link of my video?"

Upload it to Youtube (you can make your video private) and send us the link here

Anonymous asked:
"What exactly do you need to do in the video?"

We said exactly what needed to be done in the rules. :)