Anonymous asked:
"Sorry but i couldnt find the video. Could you send the video as a comment to this message,Thank you:)"
padfootmaraudersnuffles asked:
"My video wasn't in it!!"

When I clicked on the link that you sent it said that it was on private…

selena-post asked:
"Hey I want to know how i will post my video here??"

The deadline to submit videos was July 16th and we’ve already posted the video.

Anonymous asked:
"what happened to the video?"

The video is up on selgomez-news :)

Anonymous asked:
"Wtf!? I love that you guys made a video for Selena's Birthday and all, but I didn't see my video, or any of my friends. There was only like 4 videos. If i knew you guys weren't going to include much, I would've made a video and send it to her myself. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just pissed you didn't get my video message to her. God bless, ❤ #Selenator"

Surprisingly those were the only videos we got…some of the videos that were sent had been deleted off youtube or were on private so we weren’t able to get to those. If yours was one of the 4 or 5 videos that didn’t work then I’m sorry about that :/ We would’ve included you if we had received your video…the video was already short so we added non-fan things as well so there’s no reason we wouldn’t put your video in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous asked:
"guys did u do the video and if u did when we will see it"

yes the video is made and will be posted soon :)

Anonymous asked:
"What time today are the videos due?"

Before midnight Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

harry-ily asked:
"What is your Twitter so I can send the message????"

We do not have a Twitter for this blog. This blog is apart of Selgomez-News (@SelGomezNewsCom on Twitter). Please read the rules here. harry-ily

omglookimhipsterrrr asked:
"Do you think we will be able to see all the videos together that everyone submitted after deadline?"

We’re discussing all of the details we’ll let you guys know soon.

Anonymous asked:
"can i send you a photo?cuz i dont have a youtube user."

can you upload the video on instagram or vine or vimeo maybe?